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This service is offered to commercial businesses as well as to homeowners. Think how much nicer it is to have someone come to you, at a set time that fits your busy schedule. If possible, we will make your repairs right then or give you an estimate for us to return and do the job. If your piece requires our in-shop services we will pick it up and deliver it back to you once the job is done. We have provided these services for residences, country clubs, courtrooms, hotels, banks and professional offices just for some examples.

Pet Damage - Don't throw out that piece that your pets have damaged. We can return the piece to pre-pet damage appearance. Some of our customers call us back over and over because their pets just move on to a different piece once the favorite has been repaired. These can often be repaired on-site, but if they need to come back to the shop we can handle that for you.

Recliner Mechanisms There are many types of recliner mechanisms and most can usually be repaired. Some manufacturers provide lifetime warranties on their mechanisms and will replace it free of charge so you have only the cost of the labor to remove the old one and install the new one. Some will replace the parts free of charge but charge for the shipping so the shipping cost would be in addition to the labor to install. There are others that provide no warranty so the cost of the parts, shipping and labor to install apply. Unfortunately, there are times that the manufacturer is out of business and we cannot get replacement parts to perform the repair. If this occurs we will let you know so you can go and buy yourself a new recliner.
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